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Handling paperwork all day long? It can be challenging for small business owners to manage payrolls, time-sheets, travel arrangements and other administrative duties, when there are more important business priorities. This is where our virtual assistants can be the solution to your business needs. Outsource all your administrative tasks and make the transition to hassle-free operations.

We provide professional virtual assistant services to SME businesses, start-ups and sole traders, with the aim to help them reduce their workload and live their dream.

Virtual assistants can be hired on project or contract basis to complete a very specific set of tasks that are often administrative in nature. Our approach is client-focused and based on what you need and when you need it. 

free more time to focus on important tasks and hire a virtual assistant!

 Some key services a virtual assistant can offer:

– general admin

– inbox support and email management

– CRM Database building and maintenance

– calendar management

– compilation of presentation and reports

– creative writing and editing: blog posts, content writing, social media posting, newsletters, press releases etc.

– invoicing and bookkeeping

– company directory research and leads generation

– general and online research

– travel and reservation assistance

– social media monitoring and maintenance

– press release distribution and media outreach

– influencer marketing services

– e-commerce assistance

– proofreading and editing

– data-entry

– survey creation, market research and implementation

– graphic design

– translation services

more cost effective

increase productivity

access to best talents