email marketing

email marketing

for any business, email marketing is an incredibly powerful tool for tapping new clients. expertise, time or energy can be saved by outsourcing these email marketing tasks to your virtual assistant.


What is email marketing?

In the earlier days, companies practice direct mail to reach out to new market and spend lots of money to deliver all the campaign materials to homes and businesses through postal mail.  Thanks to technological advancement, reaching new potential customers has become more efficient with email marketing.

Email marketing is marketing directly to potential and existing customers using email. It’s often used to send digital newsletters, new blog post,  request business and marketing campaigns. Email marketing helps you to stay in touch with your customers directly, build strong customer relationships and loyalty.

Why is email marketing important?

When done properly, email marketing campaigns are a  very effective method of customer engagement. It allows you to directly address your target audience and provide a way to convert them into sales.

How can we help?

Our Email Marketing Virtual Assistants can help you manage the entire process of email marketing, including:

– Create a email marketing strategy for your business

– Build your email mailing lists

– Write effective email campaigns and design beautifully branded templates that matches the tone and needs of your target group.

– Sending out regular emails to your email database and ensure they are going out at the appropriate times.

– Track the results of your email marketing campaigns, so you can find out how many emails are read, clicked through and responded to.

– Provide performance reports

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